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MANUSCRIPTS THREE WWI ERA POSTERS Three recent additions to the 20th Century Poster Collection include these World War I era posters demonstrating the role women played in supporting the war efforts. From left to right, “Women of America Work for Victory,” which depicts “Columbia” as participating in the home canning work promoted by the National […]

Afloat with the Flag One of many patriotic series spawned by World War I, the “Red Cross Girls” was the earliest and most prolific, with ten titles appearing between 1916 and 1920. Despite the images on the cover, the endpapers of this series depict a world curiously detached from the horrors of war. -Dr. William […]

This World War I American Red Cross/U.S. Army Nurse’s Outdoor Uniform is a new addition to the Women Veterans Historical Collection. We are pretty excited about it because these uniforms are very rare. During World War I, The American Red Cross supplied military service branches like the U.S. Army and Navy with extra nurses during […]