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By Carolyn Shankle

This recipe comes from Hoi Toiders’ Recipes and Remembrances issued in 1993 by the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department on Ocracoke Island, in Hyde County, North Carolina. Nancy Hartlaub shared her “Crockpot Roast Pork” recipe as part of the fundraiser for the fire department.

I assembled all of the ingredients, choosing to use Honeycrisp apples. I think my apples were larger than those Nancy used in her original recipe because they ended up making more liquid than expected. (Note to self – use fewer apples next time.)

Just as Nancy directed, I assembled the apples and sweet potatoes in layers, then placed the pork loin on top. I used a boneless pork loin, which lessened the cooking time to about six hours on low. Then I poured the glaze over the cut of meat, following with more layering of the sweet potatoes and apples.

Can you smell those pictures? The scent of apples and ginger filled my house! The drawing of the eager pup waiting for the crock pot to finish cooking is so true.

Here is the finished pot roast – it was so tender and easy to shred. While I served mine with rice, Nancy has another recipe in the cookbook for “Corn” Bread which would be a tasty alternative. (Bonus recipe at the end.)

This cookbook, and hundreds of others, can be found in our growing North Carolina Community Cookbook Collection.

End result – a delicious meal!

Bonus Recipe: “Corn” Bread

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