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The American Trade Bindings Digital Library ContentDM database has been up for over a month. [See earlier post.] Users can now access images through the public catalog now that code to the live database is moved to the public catalog. Images are shown in both the brief and full record displays.

If you want to see all trade binding images available in the public catalog, search “American trade bindings” in the “subject begins with” field on the basic search screen.

We’re now beginning the second phase of the project, adding images (and records to ContentDM) from the Girls Books in Series Collection, so the project will be growing over the next few months.

Special message from Paul Hessling :

Heartfelt thanks to the Cataloging Department’s intrepid student assistants, Callie Moss and also Keonna Harrison, for their work with editing the catalog records and adding genre terms, and to Terry Brandsma, SIRSI master, for making this all work in the public catalog.

Happy searching!

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