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To help everyone get into a Thanksgiving mood, we wanted to give you a peek at one of the books in our rare books collection. This artist’s book is Turkey Trot by Lois Morrison (Spec Coll General N7433.4 M680 T87 2007). It’s #15 from a series of 25 signed and numbered copies, made in 2007. Materials used to construct the book include pink paper for wrapping tacos, plastic, Tyvek, and Frasier’s passport paper. The book’s cover is cloth over board with turkey feet from La Gurilla, Mexico City.

While the turkey foot shape of the book might be enough to charm you into a Thanksgiving mood, the turkey-themed lyrics to the Nancy Sinatra tune “These Boots Are Made for Walking” will definitely brighten your day. “These feet / were made / for trotting / and that’s / just what / they’ll do. / One of / these days / they’ll just / trot away / from you.” The book also features some wonderful interactive elements, like a sliding turkey that moves from bush to bush and a pop up turkey who appears from beneath a bush.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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