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Summertime Potluck Suggestions

-Audrey Sage

As we quickly approach the warm summer days, we are greeted with the prospect of the ever popular potluck picnic. When you live in the south, the invitation to a friendly potluck will always bring to mind the southern favorite dish – potato salad. Within our collections you will find a delightful set of books that were published under the Homemaker Series. They are bound with a lively blue gingham cloth cover and were written and compiled by Olive Green. This was the pseudonym of Myrtle Reed (September 27, 1874 – August 17, 1911) who was an American author, poet, journalist, and philanthropist, whose novels include Lavender and Old Lace (1902), A Weaver of Dreams (1911) , and Old Rose and Silver (1909).

Within the volume titled “One Thousand Salads” of this cooking series, we find sixty four recipes for Potato Salad. We thought we would share these with you, in the hope that one or two may bring culinary joy to your potluck table this summer.


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