Special Collections and University Archives

Inspired by the unseasonably cold temperatures outside, Special Collections is exhibiting artists books relating to winter. Take a walk in Winter air : a journal, written by Linda Hoffman. Hoffman, an anthropologist, studied the Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea. Winter air . . . is selections from her journal, illustrated with photographs.

Three poets, Ardyth Bradley, Brenda Hillman, Keith Ratzlaff, also inspired by the season, created Three winter poems. Taking inspiration from an essay by Henry David Thoreau, originally published in the October 1843 issue of The Dial, A Winter Walk is rendered anew with woodcuts by Michael Alpert. Morris Cox of the Gogmagog Press provides An impression of winter : a landscape panorama. This is the first of his seasonal landscape panoramas – he also created one for Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

For contrast, Ruth Fine created linocuts for Summer day, winter night. Each linocut is on one side of the 32 page accordian fold – only Winter Night is displayed.

Shake the chill and stop by to view the books.

Winter : an exhibit
Second Floor Lobby, Main Building
Jackson Library
January 5 – early February 2010

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