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Shiraz, Persia, 1687

THE KORAN is the official compilation of the teachings of Muhammad in the years 609-632 A. D. and is the central religious text of Islam.

Although some verses of the KORAN were written down during Muhammad’s lifetime, the main body of text was compiled during the reign of the third successor (caliph) to Muhammad.

Detail of binding

The KORAN consists of 114 chapters of varying lengths and on various themes. The chapters are arranged according to length (long to short) rather than chronologically. The earlier chapters emphasize a call to religious dedication and obedience, while the later chapters give directions for a proper moral life as dictated by God. Throughout, the KORAN pictures God as the only creator and sustainer of a well-ordered universe. The doctrine states unequivocally that humanity is wholly responsible for its actions.

Leather paste-down


The beautiful pages of this 1687 Persian printing are striking, with their gilt embellishments and ornamental marginal descriptions. Striking also are the handsome “medallion” covers and paste-downs.

– William K. Finley

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October 19th, 2010
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