Special Collections and University Archives

by Audrey Sage

The Special Collections and University Archives at UNCG have recently acquired some wonderfully unique artist’s books by Yusuke Oono. These works are a special format of book – a 360° creation.

Yusuke Oono was born in Germany In 1983 and graduated from The University of Tokyo where he obtained both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture. He is the recipient of the “Art Directors Club of New York” and has received many other awards. He works primarily as an architect but is also active in other related fields including interior product design and art installation. He is the principal of DOMINO ARCHITECTS from 2016.

360° BOOK is an innovative format of expression. With its unique bookbinding technique, the book dynamically opens 360 degrees and shows a panoramic 3D world composed of a series of pages. Each page is cut delicately and bound carefully to create a magical world inside.


Mount Fuji – first published in 2015, and now in its eighth edition in 2018, is published by the Seigensha Art Publishing group. It is 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 5/8″ and housed in a special enclosure designed by Kazushige Takebayashi.

Mount Fuji is one of the highest mountains in Japan at an altitude of 3,776 meters recognized for its graceful appearance and a symbolic symbol of Japan. In 2013 Mount Fuji was officially registered as a UNESCO World Heritage for its value as a sacred place and a source of artistic inspiration. Mount Fuji is also known as “Reiho Fuji” meaning “Sacred Mount Fuji”. Mount Fuji is also an object of religious faith that has been worshiped by the Japanese people throughout history, beginning with the Manyoshu anthology of poetry in the year 759 serving as a source of artistic inspiration in literature and the literary arts. A great example of this is Hokusai’s series of “Ukiyo-e” woodblock prints, “Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji” which started in 1823. Mount Fuji continues to be one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations with more than 300,000 people climbing the mountain every year.


Snowy World was first published in 2017. The library copy is from the Fourth edition published in October of 2022 by Makoto Katayama of Seigensha Art Publishing. The package enclosure was designed by Kazushige Takebayashi and Natsuki Isa.

Fir tree is topped up with snow, and the animals are gathering around. Preparation to deliver presents is about to begin – within the silence of snowy world.


Hokusai Suzume Odori was published in April, 2019, the first edition. It is published by the Seigensha Art Publishing group and the packaging for the 360 degree book was designed by Kazushige Takebayashi and Natsuki Isa.

“Sparrow Dance” is one of traditional footman dances performed by dancers literally imitating sparrows’ movements. It is considered to have originated from an improvised dance performed by stonemasons from Sakai in the Senshu region at a banquet celebrating the relocation of Sendai Castle. Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849) featured this “Sparrow Dance” in the third volume of “Hokusai Manga”, one of his etehon (art manual) series.

Hokusai’s lively brush strokes vividly capture dance movements of people wearing footman’s kimonos and hats, looking as if they are going to start moving at any moment.”

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