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The surviving World War II era WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) were presented with Congressional Gold Medals on March 10, 2010. These women test flew and ferried planes, towed targets for target practice, and instructed male pilots. Over 1,000 women served from the creation of the WASPS in 1943 to the abrupt dismantling of the program in 1944. These women performed a great service to our country, but they never received military status or benefits.

Here are some links to stories about the awards:

US Air Force: WASPs awarded Congressional Gold Medal

Associated Press/NPR: Female WWII Aviators Honored With Gold Medal

C-SPAN: Video and transcript of entire Gold Medal Ceremony

Bonus links:

NPR: Radio Diaries Oral Histories of the WASPS

Greensboro News & Record story about former Greensboro-ite Susie Winston Bain

The Women Veterans Historical Project houses the collections oral histories and materials of 16 WASP veterans (including Susie Winston Bain):

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