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On Friday, April 27, 2018, UNC Greensboro broke ground on its new Nursing and Instructional Building. The new 180,000-square-foot facility was made possible thanks to state funds from the Connect NC Bond, which was passed by North Carolina voters in the spring of 2016. The $105 million building is slated to open in the summer of 2020.

Chancellor Blackwell sealing the cornerstone, 1959

The new structure will sit on a site that has held a number of campus buildings over UNCG’s 125 years. Most recently, the site was home to the McIver Building, which was demolished earlier this semester. Prior to demolition, a time capsule that had been placed in the McIver Building’s cornerstone on October 5, 1959 was removed.

On Friday, April 20, 2018, the small copper box that served as the time capsule was opened. Sadly, the time capsule contents did not fare well against the ravages of the environment and time. Water damage and mold covered all of the materials, making them unsalvageable.

Fortunately, because the materials in the time capsule were not unique (most being published materials), the overwhelming majority of these items can be found in University Archives. Many are available for viewing online. Additional items not in University Archives can be accessed through various newspaper databases available to those with a UNCG login.

You can view the virtual version of the McIver Building Cornerstone Time Capsule here.

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