Special Collections and University Archives

by Stacey Krim

Coming soon! As part of UNC Greensboro’s celebration of the centennial of Women’s Suffrage, UNCG Special Collections and University Archives will be featuring an oral history project focused on women politicians in the Triad area. Women in modern politics represent progressive successes in the fight for gender equality since the brave rebels and pioneers of the suffrage movement. In the 21st Century, mucth attention is given to women politicians at the national level, leaving women politicians at the local and regional level overlooked and under-documented. Women Politicians in Their Own Words is the first attempt to document women politicians on a local and regional level in the Triad region of North Carolina. The oral history collection is anticipated to be prepared by late Spring – early Summer of 2022. The project is funded through a grant from UNC Greensboro’s She Can, We Can: Beyond the Women’s Suffrage Centennial celebration. 

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