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WVHP hits the road!

Curator Beth Ann Koelsch, USAF veteran/WVHP oral history interviewer/UNC Greensboro PhD candidate Therese Strohmer, and Navy veteran Pat Childers gave a presentation and conducted a panel discussion at the 2011 joint conference of the Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA) and the South Carolina Archival Association (SCAA) in Morehead City, NC on April 1, 2011.

The session Preserving the History of Women Veterans in the Carolinas began with Beth Ann discussing how the WVHP came about and how veteran community involvement helps it grown. Next Beth Ann presented a history of women in the WVHP who served at Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point , the Charleston (SC) Naval Base, and Parris Island.

In her presentation Beth Ann showed photos and used excerpts from oral histories.

Finally, panelists Beth Ann, Therese and Pat discussed their roles and participation in the WVHP, and issues concerning oral history interviews with women veterans. The session was well received and Beth Ann made great contacts with other archivists and friends and supporters of women veterans.

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